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How big is the original Fisher Price Rainforest packaging box?

jumperoo, packaging, rain forest, fisher price

When you purchase an item online, you generally have an idea how big the items because it’s included in the item description.  But, the size of the packaging box is not always known. In all the pictures of the jumperoos, you think the packaging to hold all the parts will take a lot space, but it’s actually nicely pack to fit in a 22″ wide x 24 ½” tall x 7 ¼” deep box.  This a very manageable size for those moms who can easily place the box in the trunk of their cars or on a shopping cart.

But if you ordering from Amazon, you don’t even need to bother because it arrives at your doorsteps.  The box is 25lbs, so it’s not too heavy as well.  Here are some snapshots of my box that I received from Amazon.