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How to encourage your little one to jump in their jumperoo?

Not all infants will instantly start jumping when they are first placed in the jumperoo. Babies need sometime to adjust to their new surroundings, but once they are comfortable they will be more settle and start playing with all the fun activities of the jumperoo.

My son when he was first placed in his Rainforest jumperoo, all he did was play with the toy pieces that were right in front of him. After a few go around he start realizing he could use his toes and push off and spring up. In a couple of days, he became a pro and hopped like a bunny.

For those parents who are having more difficulties getting their newborn to jump on the jumperoo, you can try some these suggestions from other moms.

  1. A potential reason for babies not wanting jump in their jumperoo is their toes and feet are not properly touching the ground. So, parents could place towels, cushion, pillow, playmats, and books below their feet to give them further support.
  2. Teach your baby to jump by jumping yourself. This might sound silly, but babies love mimicking the actions of adults. Once they see a jumping mom or dad they might be encourage to try it out.