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5 Most asked questions about the Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper

evenflo-excersaucer-jumper-reviewThe Evenflo ExcerSaurcer is another popular jumper for little ones to encourage learning and development. Here are the 5 most asked questions asked by parents about this jumper.

1. Does this jumper play songs? – Yes, this ExcerSaucer plays music. It has 3 tunes that are played when the pages are turned on the book toy. The tunes are typical songs you might hear on kiddie musical toys.  Songs are not unique only to this jumper.  It also has sounds coming out of baby interacting with various parts of the Excersaucer, like the elephant and mouse toy


evenflo-excersaucer-height-adjustment2. Can you adjust the height on this jumper? – Yes, the heights are adjustable. They have 3 height  settings on each of the green posts and it’s pretty easy to adjust.

3. Does the seat rotate 360 degrees? – Yes, the seat can rotate 360 degrees. But, parents have commented it can be difficult for babies to turn seat 360 degrees themselves. This will limit the babies access the various toys around the Excersaucer. Some babies are not able to turn until they reach 7 to 10 months. At that point, they are strong enough to move.

4. Where is this exersaucer manufactured? – If you check under the seat of the jumper, you will find the inscription “manufactured in China.”

5. What is the weight limit of this jumper? – If you look on the Evenflo websites, it doesn’t specify a weight limit and instead list a height limit of 30” tall. The other requirement for using this jumper is the design for children approximately 4 months or older.

Stop using this Excersaucer when your child can walk or is taller than 30” (76cm) tall or can stand flat-footed in the Excersaucer when it’s set at the highest adjustment level or if your child can climb out of the Excersaucer

Evenflo Delux Developmental Circus Activity Center Review

Evenflo Delux Developmental Circus Activity CenterAre you looking for an affordable entertainment center for your newborn? Well, consider the Evenflo Delux Developmental Circus Activity center as an option that is filled with many fun and safe activities.

Here is one economical reason to purchase this activity center. All of the Evenflo’s fun zones are battery free. Your infant is able to play with the spinning wheel, twirl the picture carousal, pull and tug on all the springy cute animal characters without any batteries attached to the entertainment center.

But, having no batteries means no musical songs to go along with the fun activities. As a parent, I get enough baby songs from all the other toys my son plays with. So having this entertainment center without music is a welcome break.

The Activity Center is a great tool for your baby to start jumping and moving around because the seat that holds the baby is able to rotate 360 degrees. Great if your baby is learning to reach for objects and different play zone activity.

As your baby grows the Evenflo Activity Center will grow with them because the legs have three adjustable heights, until your baby gets too big (over the max height limit of 30 inches). So parents can plan on their babies playing with this entertainments center for a while.

Let’s not forget the Evenflo Excersaucer is one of the safest jumping systems for your baby. With no mounted ropes or dangling strings, you can rest assure your baby is safe. The whole entertainment center is sturdy and has good weight, so when your baby is jumping around you don’t have to worry about the whole activity center tipping over. The downside about having sturdy and safe legs is the Activity center is less of a jumperoo. If your baby seems to be on the active side then you should probably look into a non-stationary style jumperoo like the Fisher-Price Rainforest set.

The safety also extends to all the toys. The springy toys around the play zones are safe for babies who are eager to bite on them. These play zones can serve as another set teether toys to help babies comfort themselves as their teeth are coming out.

Overall, the Evenflo Delux Developmental activity center is great to put your baby in because they can entertain themselves for hours in a safe environment that will help them achieve their important developmental milestones.