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5 Most asked questions about the Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper

evenflo-excersaucer-jumper-reviewThe Evenflo ExcerSaurcer is another popular jumper for little ones to encourage learning and development. Here are the 5 most asked questions asked by parents about this jumper.

1. Does this jumper play songs? – Yes, this ExcerSaucer plays music. It has 3 tunes that are played when the pages are turned on the book toy. The tunes are typical songs you might hear on kiddie musical toys.  Songs are not unique only to this jumper.  It also has sounds coming out of baby interacting with various parts of the Excersaucer, like the elephant and mouse toy


evenflo-excersaucer-height-adjustment2. Can you adjust the height on this jumper? – Yes, the heights are adjustable. They have 3 height  settings on each of the green posts and it’s pretty easy to adjust.

3. Does the seat rotate 360 degrees? – Yes, the seat can rotate 360 degrees. But, parents have commented it can be difficult for babies to turn seat 360 degrees themselves. This will limit the babies access the various toys around the Excersaucer. Some babies are not able to turn until they reach 7 to 10 months. At that point, they are strong enough to move.

4. Where is this exersaucer manufactured? – If you check under the seat of the jumper, you will find the inscription “manufactured in China.”

5. What is the weight limit of this jumper? – If you look on the Evenflo websites, it doesn’t specify a weight limit and instead list a height limit of 30” tall. The other requirement for using this jumper is the design for children approximately 4 months or older.

Stop using this Excersaucer when your child can walk or is taller than 30” (76cm) tall or can stand flat-footed in the Excersaucer when it’s set at the highest adjustment level or if your child can climb out of the Excersaucer

5 most asked questions about the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

baby-einstein-jumper-motion-activityHere are 5 of the most asked questions about the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper:

5. Does the jumper easily fold away when not in use? – The jumper is can be slightly un-assemble for storage. This may take from 5 to 10 minutes. But the short answer is no. You’ll probably want to leave it as is once it’s setup.

4. When should children stop using the jumperoo? – The manufacturer recommends stop using the jumperoo when your children reaches the 25 lbs. Around that weight, children should begin to walk on their own un-assisted and probably wouldn’t want to be confined in  a jumper seat.

3. What is the difference between the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper and the Fisher Price Jumperoos? – The 2 makers of jumpers share many similarities that you will notice immediately. First, they both serve to help children develop their motor skills. Both jumpers have 3 height adjustment for kids of different sizes and for quick growth. They both have different types of classical music to help entertain and encourage kids. But, the Einstein jumper has a teacher mode for teaching in different languages that Fisher Price doesn’t have.  The Einstein jumper also has extra rings that you can purchase extra toys or teethers for your little one to hang on.  The Fisher Price Rainforest jumperoo has the easiest fold away capabilities compare all other jumpers. Overall, they are very similar.

2. What age should babies start using this jumperoo? – The manufacturer recommend age is around 4 months. The true test is if your little one can start putting weight on their legs. If they are capable, this activity center will encourage faster motor development.  Also, the minimum weight of 6lbs is recommend.

baby-einstein-jumper-motion-activity21. Was there a recall on this jumperoo model? – Yes, if you order model 90564. The recall was initiated due to the “yellow sun teether stalk” rebounding and hitting children. The recall covers about 400,000 jumpers including those sold on popular websites like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.  A  replacement part for the “sun teether” can easily be replace if you call the company’s toll free line at 877-325-7056877-325-7056 or head over to their website at and click on recall button at the bottom of the page.  All other components of the jumper is safe for children. If you are to order the jumper right now from Amazon, you should have the new safe “Sun Teether” in place.

How to choose the right Fisher Price Jumperoo?

Fisher_price_logoFisher Price has been making great baby products that kids love for generations. They are synonymous with quality and safety that parents can trust from their toys. Fisher Price Jumperoos (stationary jump platforms for kids) are one of the best toys that parents can give to their little to help them develop. As all babies have different interest, selecting the right jumperoo can help enhance their development.  Currently, Fisher Price has 5 wonderful jumperoos to choose from.

What do all the Fisher Price jumperoos have in common? –

  • As the name suggest, they all are jumperoos. They all provide a fabric seat for babies to sit on. The seat is elevated to the point where the feet is barely touching ground. Babies can then push off the ground and jump up from their seat.
  • All seats are adjustable for 3 different heights.
  • All the seats are able to rotate 360 degrees. This allows for the babies to explore the jumperoo and various activities around them. They are also able to change their viewpoint and follow people.
  • All Fisher Price Jumperoos have a height limit of 32″ or 81cm.
  • All Fisher Price Jumperoos have a weight limit of 25 lbs.
  • For safety reason, Fisher Price Jumperoos are only for babies who are able to hold head upright unassisted and who are not able to walk or climb out of product

What are Fisher Price jumperoos out there? –

  • Fisher_price_Rainforest_jumperoo2Rainforest Jumperoo is by far the most popular jumperoo. It’s Rainforest theme is very colorful and consist of a red frog seat, rainforest stuff animals like a parrot and a blue frog.  It has a wide range of music that is responsive to jumping activities. It has flashing lights and spinning lizards to develop sensory and problem solving skills. The best advantage of the Rainforest jumperoo is the base is easily foldable and can be set off to the side when it is not being used.


  • Fisher_price_discover_n_grow2 The Discover and Grow jumperoo is another great jumperoo. It’s theme incorporates zoo animals, like giraffes, monkeys, elephant, and penguins. It has wonderful learning features like a piano for music and a roller ball that easily spins. It also has teethers for kids to munch to deal with the pain. The jumperoo is also responds with music as babies jump up and down.



  • Fisher_price_Luv_U_zoo2The Luv and Zoo jumperoo is an animal theme jumperoo with various animals zoo animals. The animals are more like typical zoo animals like monkeys and hippopotamus. The toys are colorful and will help babies develop feel and texture as they grab and play with the various fun activities around the jumperoo. The music is easily turned on and off for kids to jump to.



  • Fisher_price_precious_planet_blue_sky2The Precious Plant and Blue sky jumperoo has an animal theme with a giraffe, monkey, lion, turtle, and birds. But it has this one wonderful addition of a floating bar that mimics the sky. It’s another great piece of toy to teach kids to reach and grab.




  •  Fisher_price_laugh_n_Learn2The Laugh and Learn jumperoo is farm animal theme and has lots of cows, pigs, cats, and funny looking veggies for your kids to play with. The seat is able to spin to help kids develop motor movement with the legs. The kids can learn to reach for items just within their grasp as well to learn about all the wonderful animals.



All these Fisher Price jumperoos are great, so you can’t really go wrong with any of them. The main differences between the jumperoos are the animal themes and color scheme. The rainforest jumperoo is the easiest to fold away if you tight for space. But, most of games, activities are similar in all Fisher Price jumperoo. I hope you found this helpful in your hunt for the right jumperoo for your baby!

Where is the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo made?

rainforest_jumperoo_made_inThe Fisher Price is a great jumperoo and when you find that it was made in China, you will be pleasantly surprised as I was.
Typically, when you get a new toy, they have some type of flaws in that you might like. For instance, I’ve noticed some might be a little dirty here or there or the cloth have long threads that were not cut properly.  But when I opened this Fisher Price Rainforest jumperoo, it look well packaged.  So, I guess Fisher Price paid a little more attention to quality control when manufacturing this product overseas.


How big is the original Fisher Price Rainforest packaging box?

jumperoo, packaging, rain forest, fisher price

When you purchase an item online, you generally have an idea how big the items because it’s included in the item description.  But, the size of the packaging box is not always known. In all the pictures of the jumperoos, you think the packaging to hold all the parts will take a lot space, but it’s actually nicely pack to fit in a 22″ wide x 24 ½” tall x 7 ¼” deep box.  This a very manageable size for those moms who can easily place the box in the trunk of their cars or on a shopping cart.

But if you ordering from Amazon, you don’t even need to bother because it arrives at your doorsteps.  The box is 25lbs, so it’s not too heavy as well.  Here are some snapshots of my box that I received from Amazon.

Are you missing the instructions for your Rainforest Jumperoo?

Sometimes in the hurry of opening a package, you can misplace some items.  Well, if you happen to be in search of the Fisher Price – Rainforest Jumperoo installation and general use manual, then you can download it here by clicking the following. Link to file.

The manual is very useful for setting up the jumperoo and it highlights some important safety guidelines.

  1. Only to be used with babies who can hold their heads up by themselves
  2. Always keep an child in view and don’t leave them unattended
  3. Do not use jumperoo near hot surfaces, pools, or steps.
  4. Place jumperoo on a level surface.


The Benefits of a Jumperoo for your baby

Jumperoo for babyI love seeing my son grow and mature right before my eyes and recently he reached the milestone where he can hold his head up steadily with great neck control. He is only 3 months 15 days old, weighs 16lbs, and 20 inches tall.

As eager parents, we wanted to help him reach more of his milestones while having fun in the process. We found that a jumperoo can be a useful tool for his early age development because they promote motor skills, sound training, all the while providing the baby a safe environment with less parent supervision.

For me, taking care of the little one on my own and having a jumperoo can be a lifesaver. While my son is playing safely in the jumperoo, I can take a quick bathroom break, do a little cooking, or do some other chores on the side while watching over him. I’m confident the jumperoo will provide a safe local environment were my son can rotate and grab items because my son will have a limited distance to reach. According to the manufacturer’s requirement, parents should not use the jumperoo if your baby is able to hold their head up unassisted. Also, parents should stop putting their baby in the jumperoo if your child is able to climb out and walk because of potential safety hazards for both scenarios.

Most jumperoos have plenty of objects for your baby to reach and grasp. These objects will build their hand eye coordination as they are learning to coordinate with new motor skills.  Some will have music to go along with their playing. The sound will help them create an action and response awareness. For instance, the jumperoo that I have will play music when he jumps or when he rolls a particular toy. As they become more familiar with the sound they can learn to activate the sound they like most.

Well, the main function of a jumperoo is to get your baby to start developing their leg movement. By placing your baby in an erected up position, it will give them a new perspective away from the ground.  The jumperoo will give them an opportunity to start mimicking the people that they see and hoping start using their leg muscle in the process.

Overall, a jumperoo is a great item for parents to consider because of the educational benefits, the fun, and the safety it can provide. Give it a try and your baby will love you for it.

Does the rainforest jumperoo fold up for nice and easy storage?

Rainforest Jumperoo how to fold base of Rainfirest Jumperoo

Releasing the latch of the Jumperoo

The short answer is no. The rainforest jumperoo has the option to disconnect the legs from the base of jumperoo. Parents would need to look for the frame release button on the three support legs for the jumperoo carrier.

At the bottom of the legs are the base tubes. The base tubes have a release button that when pressed will un-latch the legs.  See picture below for further clarification on instructions. Once the one leg segment is detached, the jumperoo can be folded inward and tucked away.



Rainforest Jumperoo folding the base

Rainforest Jumperoo folding the base

Does the Rainforest jumperoo seat help babies that can’t sit up unassisted?

Jumperoo_for_BabyThe Fisher Price Rainforest jumperoo can accommodate babies that can’t sit up unassisted. However, the manufacturer’s safety recommendation suggest the jumperoo to be “Use only for a child who is able to hold head up unassisted and who is not able to climb out and walk.”

The design of the jumperoo has two options to help babies who need help in holding their head up.

  1. Babies can lean forward against the jumperoo activity area. There is enough space for them to use their hands to give themselves support. My son likes to rest his arm on the jumperoo and rest his head on his arms after he gets tired from playtime.
  2. Babies can lean backward against the red frog seat. The seat has a raised backrest that will provide extra support. The back support is padded all around and adds extra comfort for babies.

Does the red frog seat from the Rainforest Jumperoo come out for washing?

Yes, the red frog seat can be easily removed and placed back on the Rainforest jumperoo. To remove you need to un-hook the washable seat from the jumperoo base. The red frog seat is machine washable in the cold water using the delicate cycle. Then tumble dry low or the gentle cycle. You can also hang dry the seat if you there is not an urgent need to use it.

The seat retains its beautiful red color after multiple washings and you don’t have to get too worried if your baby makes a mess of the place.  Read up some more information on this great jumperoo!