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5 Most asked questions about the Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper

evenflo-excersaucer-jumper-reviewThe Evenflo ExcerSaurcer is another popular jumper for little ones to encourage learning and development. Here are the 5 most asked questions asked by parents about this jumper.

1. Does this jumper play songs? – Yes, this ExcerSaucer plays music. It has 3 tunes that are played when the pages are turned on the book toy. The tunes are typical songs you might hear on kiddie musical toys.  Songs are not unique only to this jumper.  It also has sounds coming out of baby interacting with various parts of the Excersaucer, like the elephant and mouse toy


evenflo-excersaucer-height-adjustment2. Can you adjust the height on this jumper? – Yes, the heights are adjustable. They have 3 height  settings on each of the green posts and it’s pretty easy to adjust.

3. Does the seat rotate 360 degrees? – Yes, the seat can rotate 360 degrees. But, parents have commented it can be difficult for babies to turn seat 360 degrees themselves. This will limit the babies access the various toys around the Excersaucer. Some babies are not able to turn until they reach 7 to 10 months. At that point, they are strong enough to move.

4. Where is this exersaucer manufactured? – If you check under the seat of the jumper, you will find the inscription “manufactured in China.”

5. What is the weight limit of this jumper? – If you look on the Evenflo websites, it doesn’t specify a weight limit and instead list a height limit of 30” tall. The other requirement for using this jumper is the design for children approximately 4 months or older.

Stop using this Excersaucer when your child can walk or is taller than 30” (76cm) tall or can stand flat-footed in the Excersaucer when it’s set at the highest adjustment level or if your child can climb out of the Excersaucer

How to choose the right Fisher Price Jumperoo?

Fisher_price_logoFisher Price has been making great baby products that kids love for generations. They are synonymous with quality and safety that parents can trust from their toys. Fisher Price Jumperoos (stationary jump platforms for kids) are one of the best toys that parents can give to their little to help them develop. As all babies have different interest, selecting the right jumperoo can help enhance their development.  Currently, Fisher Price has 5 wonderful jumperoos to choose from.

What do all the Fisher Price jumperoos have in common? –

  • As the name suggest, they all are jumperoos. They all provide a fabric seat for babies to sit on. The seat is elevated to the point where the feet is barely touching ground. Babies can then push off the ground and jump up from their seat.
  • All seats are adjustable for 3 different heights.
  • All the seats are able to rotate 360 degrees. This allows for the babies to explore the jumperoo and various activities around them. They are also able to change their viewpoint and follow people.
  • All Fisher Price Jumperoos have a height limit of 32″ or 81cm.
  • All Fisher Price Jumperoos have a weight limit of 25 lbs.
  • For safety reason, Fisher Price Jumperoos are only for babies who are able to hold head upright unassisted and who are not able to walk or climb out of product

What are Fisher Price jumperoos out there? –

  • Fisher_price_Rainforest_jumperoo2Rainforest Jumperoo is by far the most popular jumperoo. It’s Rainforest theme is very colorful and consist of a red frog seat, rainforest stuff animals like a parrot and a blue frog.  It has a wide range of music that is responsive to jumping activities. It has flashing lights and spinning lizards to develop sensory and problem solving skills. The best advantage of the Rainforest jumperoo is the base is easily foldable and can be set off to the side when it is not being used.


  • Fisher_price_discover_n_grow2 The Discover and Grow jumperoo is another great jumperoo. It’s theme incorporates zoo animals, like giraffes, monkeys, elephant, and penguins. It has wonderful learning features like a piano for music and a roller ball that easily spins. It also has teethers for kids to munch to deal with the pain. The jumperoo is also responds with music as babies jump up and down.



  • Fisher_price_Luv_U_zoo2The Luv and Zoo jumperoo is an animal theme jumperoo with various animals zoo animals. The animals are more like typical zoo animals like monkeys and hippopotamus. The toys are colorful and will help babies develop feel and texture as they grab and play with the various fun activities around the jumperoo. The music is easily turned on and off for kids to jump to.



  • Fisher_price_precious_planet_blue_sky2The Precious Plant and Blue sky jumperoo has an animal theme with a giraffe, monkey, lion, turtle, and birds. But it has this one wonderful addition of a floating bar that mimics the sky. It’s another great piece of toy to teach kids to reach and grab.




  •  Fisher_price_laugh_n_Learn2The Laugh and Learn jumperoo is farm animal theme and has lots of cows, pigs, cats, and funny looking veggies for your kids to play with. The seat is able to spin to help kids develop motor movement with the legs. The kids can learn to reach for items just within their grasp as well to learn about all the wonderful animals.



All these Fisher Price jumperoos are great, so you can’t really go wrong with any of them. The main differences between the jumperoos are the animal themes and color scheme. The rainforest jumperoo is the easiest to fold away if you tight for space. But, most of games, activities are similar in all Fisher Price jumperoo. I hope you found this helpful in your hunt for the right jumperoo for your baby!

The Best Jumperoo for your baby!

Fisher Price Rainforest JumperooThe Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo will provide hours and fun and entertainment for your newborn. If you are looking for a jumperoo then this Rainforest Jumperoo is an excellent choice. This jumperoo is packed with many activities and developmental learning tools to help your baby reach all their milestones.

The assembly of the Rainforest jumperoo is straightforward and easy. The parts easily snaps into place and the baby will be up and bouncing as quickly as 15 minutes.  The jumperoo has three sturdy posts for holding up the jumperoo seat. These posts are stable and solid, so parents can be confident their baby is safe when they start jumping. Each post has a spring that is connected to the jumperoo seat. By having three springs in the design, babies are given more freedom to jump and swing or rock from side to side. This is great for more babies who are more active.


For those space conscious parents, this jumperoo frame is a good size, but does not take as much space as other activity centers. The jumperoo might be too big to move on a regular basis, but it has a folding option if you need to stash it away for sometime without having to disassemble the whole jumperoo.

The jumperoo has a comfortable cloth seat that is easily removable. This is great because babies will be babies and make a mess of things and this machine washable cloth seat makes cleaning easy for parents.

The jumperoo will exercise his legs when he jumps, but it doesn’t stop there. The jumperoo has soft hanging animals for your newborn to reach for. The jumperoo has flashing lights and music that will activate when your baby jumps. This will help teach your baby to exercise more as they are rewarded with more flashing lights and music. All the toys are teethable for your newborn is they like to grab and bite any of the parts. There are handles and toys to teach your newborn to grasp and hold items. Then there are toys that spin and tumble with beads inside to train your newborn to respond to audio cues. All these toys are easily assessable because the seat can rotate 360 degrees.

With all these great features your newborn baby will keep them glue and make their playtime go by faster. All the while, they are learning and maturing in the process. Invest in the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo today and you will reap the benefits of a happier baby.


Common questions people ask about the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo:

  1. What is the weight limit of the jumperoo? 25 lbs
  2. What is the minimum weight of the jumperoo? None listed by manufacturer. But for safety reasons, manufacturer states the following: “Use only for a child who is able to hold head up unassisted and who is not able to climb out or walk.”
  3. What is the minimum height for the jumperoo? None, but there are 3 height adjustments for your baby. But refer to the safety information listed above.
  4. What is the maximum height limit for jumperoo? 32 inches

Additional Information and resources on Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo:

  1. Watch the Fisher Price’s video promo on the Rainforest Jumperoo