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Does the rainforest jumperoo fold up for nice and easy storage?

Rainforest Jumperoo how to fold base of Rainfirest Jumperoo

Releasing the latch of the Jumperoo

The short answer is no. The rainforest jumperoo has the option to disconnect the legs from the base of jumperoo. Parents would need to look for the frame release button on the three support legs for the jumperoo carrier.

At the bottom of the legs are the base tubes. The base tubes have a release button that when pressed will un-latch the legs.  See picture below for further clarification on instructions. Once the one leg segment is detached, the jumperoo can be folded inward and tucked away.



Rainforest Jumperoo folding the base

Rainforest Jumperoo folding the base

Does the Rainforest jumperoo seat help babies that can’t sit up unassisted?

Jumperoo_for_BabyThe Fisher Price Rainforest jumperoo can accommodate babies that can’t sit up unassisted. However, the manufacturer’s safety recommendation suggest the jumperoo to be “Use only for a child who is able to hold head up unassisted and who is not able to climb out and walk.”

The design of the jumperoo has two options to help babies who need help in holding their head up.

  1. Babies can lean forward against the jumperoo activity area. There is enough space for them to use their hands to give themselves support. My son likes to rest his arm on the jumperoo and rest his head on his arms after he gets tired from playtime.
  2. Babies can lean backward against the red frog seat. The seat has a raised backrest that will provide extra support. The back support is padded all around and adds extra comfort for babies.

Does the red frog seat from the Rainforest Jumperoo come out for washing?

Yes, the red frog seat can be easily removed and placed back on the Rainforest jumperoo. To remove you need to un-hook the washable seat from the jumperoo base. The red frog seat is machine washable in the cold water using the delicate cycle. Then tumble dry low or the gentle cycle. You can also hang dry the seat if you there is not an urgent need to use it.

The seat retains its beautiful red color after multiple washings and you don’t have to get too worried if your baby makes a mess of the place.  Read up some more information on this great jumperoo!

Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Center Jumperoo Review

Baby Einstein Activity Center ReviewThe Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Center is a versatile jumperoo that can grow and be tuned to your baby’s liking. Parents will grow to love this jumperoo and as much as their baby because of all the wonderful fun, educational activities it provides. This activity center jumper has four activity zones that will provide hours of fun for your baby. The seat is able to rotate 360 degrees, so it easy for your baby to enjoy each play area.

  1. There is the piano play area that has large keys for your baby to press. There are lights that turn on when the keys are press to teach cause and effect for your baby. The piano keyboard has multiple classical songs that will stimulate your baby even more!
  2. Another fun zone is the controller knobs. These knobs are brightly colored and have different textures on the surface. So, when you baby grabs these knobs they are learning the feel of round, curve, smooth, and slippery surfaces. These know knobs are also great for teaching your kids to grip with their hands and turning the knobs.
  3. There is the play zone with a springy sunflower toy. It’s another tool to help train your baby to grab, pull and shake. This toy can also serve as a teether since its long enough for your baby to grab and place in a baby’s mount. Don’t worry the toy is big enough that your baby can’t swallow it.
  4. The last play zone has sliding blocks connected to a frog and mirror. The blocks on the side will move and slide a long when your baby grabs it. The mirror is also a good tool to help train your baby’s to react and respond to visual cues of them self.

The advantage of the Baby Einstein Activity center does not stop with the play zones. The activity center has two cross bars that arches over the side of the jumperoo. On these bars, parents could add various toys that will dangle for your baby to have additional fun with. The advantage is these toys can be interchange in and out depending on what your baby finds interesting.

When your baby starts to grow, the easy height adjustment settings on the Baby Einstein activity center will grow with your baby. There are a total of 5 height adjustments on this wonderful toy. It is recommended that minimum weight of your baby be 6 lbs and maximum weight of your baby is up to 25 lbs.

When your baby starts jumping up a storm, the solid four beam support will keep your baby safe. The solid base is wide and sturdy and will not tip over with the excessive jumping of your baby. It was design for babies to jump and have fun, exercise, and learn in the process.

Give this Baby Einstein Activity Center a try with your baby!

How to encourage your little one to jump in their jumperoo?

Not all infants will instantly start jumping when they are first placed in the jumperoo. Babies need sometime to adjust to their new surroundings, but once they are comfortable they will be more settle and start playing with all the fun activities of the jumperoo.

My son when he was first placed in his Rainforest jumperoo, all he did was play with the toy pieces that were right in front of him. After a few go around he start realizing he could use his toes and push off and spring up. In a couple of days, he became a pro and hopped like a bunny.

For those parents who are having more difficulties getting their newborn to jump on the jumperoo, you can try some these suggestions from other moms.

  1. A potential reason for babies not wanting jump in their jumperoo is their toes and feet are not properly touching the ground. So, parents could place towels, cushion, pillow, playmats, and books below their feet to give them further support.
  2. Teach your baby to jump by jumping yourself. This might sound silly, but babies love mimicking the actions of adults. Once they see a jumping mom or dad they might be encourage to try it out.